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Jagan teiega oma Kaalukaotuse blogi - ja kuulan ka teie nippe ja ideid.

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Alustasin oma esimese avaliku blogiga, kus kirjutan sellest, kuidas kaalu kaotan, mis mind motiveerib, mis on raske ja kuidas edasi lähen... voi kas tuleb ka tagasilööke?

Ootan sinna huvilisi kes ka on alustamas seda teed vöi kes juba käivad seda teed. Kuidas teil läheb? vöi kust teie alustate? :)

Oodatud on ka igapäevased toidu jutud, pildid jne.. :) Kui meid koguneb sinna piisavalt, loon ka Grupi ja online grupichati :)
Mina usun, et jagamine on yks motiveeriv asi.
Lisaks ei tähenda see kui oled patustanud, seda, et oled lootusetu ja alla andnud:)

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How To Manage Your Assignment While Pursing MBA?

MBA or Master in Business Administration is a mastering degree or Post Graduate degree which is undertaken by Graduate students. MBA course include Finance, Business, Management, Operation, HR, etc.

What is the purpose of this course?
The purposes of this course are mentioned below-
• This course help students to gain knowledge on the management functions
• Help students to familiarise them with management practice.
• Develop overall understanding the process of an organization
• Research the behaviour of hierarchical manger in workplace

Subjects For MBA Degree Course
Below mentioned are the major subjects for MBA Course-
1. Financial Management
2. Human Resource (HR) Management
3. Customer Relationship Management
4. Marketing Research
5. Operation Management

How to manage your assignment in MBA?
As a beginner in MBA program, you would find yourself that where are you landing. The first semester of MBA program may be seemed unmanageable for the most of the MBA students. Here are some effective ways to start writing assignment related to MBA program.
1. Start with Subject on Which you are Interested
The best way to combat you stress related to assignment is to begin with that subject in you have interest. For example, if you are interested in International Finance marketing then write assignments related to this one. Because you had already done many research for the same topic or you have to listen or gained some knowledge regarding Internal Finance Marketing.

2. Time Management
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3. Improve Your Memory
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