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Digital Contact

When you think of great website design, you probably think about a website's homepage, or their blog, or their product pages.
But what about a website's 'Contact Us' page?

Far too many website designers put contact pages near the bottom of their priority list in terms of copywriting and design. Think about how many contact pages you've stumbled upon that look like they were built in the 1990s, even if the rest of the website is beautiful and updated.
That, my friends, is a huge mistake. Your 'Contact Us' page is one of the most important pages on your website. For most companies, it's typically one of the most-visited site pages.
Contact Form Best Practices
Review the following list of elements shared by successful contact pages to learn about the features and best practices you should remember to include in your own web form. Great contact forms typically...
• Are easy to find so a visitor can quickly get in touch should they need it.
• Explain why someone should contact them, and describe how they can help solve their visitors' problems.
• Include an email and phone number so visitors can quickly find the right information.
• Include a short form using fields that'll help the business understand who's contacting them.
• Include a call-to-action to provide visitors with another option if they choose not to complete the form.
• Showcase the company's thought leadership, whether that's by including a list of recent blog posts or articles about the company in the press.
• Link to active social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to give visitors a way to engage with the business.
• Redirect to a thank you page that explains when and how you'll be contacting them and links to helpful content and resources.
• Are creative and memorable so visitors associate contacting your brand with a positive or funny memory.
• Show off what your brand does so visitors and potential customers can get a sense of the work you do before they even get in touch.
• Avoid unnecessary fields and words so your page remains as straightforward and simple as possible — no fluff!

Survicate's contact page is another example of a beautifully simple layout combined with friendly, welcoming copy. I love the subheader below the fold and just above the form, which reads: "Let's talk about your project." That kind of conversational, colloquial language is exactly the kind of copy that makes visitors feel closer to a brand.
The form itself is simple, with large form fields and CTA buttons -- making it very mobile-friendly. Below that, they've laid out all the typical contact information -- office address, phone number, email, hours of operation, etc. -- in a way that's easy to read and scan.
Finally, I love that their icons and primary CTA reflect the same color yellow as their logo. All of these simple touches make for a clean, visually appealing design.
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Typing Speed

The WPM stands for words per minute, and it is a measure of typing speed, commonly used in the recruitment process and typing speed tests. It is standardized to five characters or keystrokes. ... Make sure you start your touch typing with high accuracy. Your speed will grow over time. It is a measure of the output speed on a. keyboard. Here's how it works: - start a timer and start typing for exactly 1 minute. - count how many characters you just typed including spaces. Digital literacy refers to an individual's ability to find, evaluate, and compose clear information through writing and other media on various digital platforms. Digital literacy is evaluated by an individual's grammar, composition, typing ... Overall, digital literacy shares many defining principles with other fields that use modifiers in.

1. What is a Type 3 test?

Ans. Type III tests examine the significance of each partial effect, that is the significance of an effect with all the other effects in the model. They are computed by constructing a type III hypothesis matrix L and then computing statistics associated with the hypothesis L. = 0.

2. How is the typing speed described?

Ans. Most people know that typing speed on a computer keyboard is measured in words per minute (wpm). Since words are not all the same size it would not be fair to measure someone's typing speed by counting the actual number of words taken randomly from a textbook.

3. What is a typing test?

Ans. Typing tests are used to measure how quickly and accurately you can type in a given amount of time. Speed and accuracy are the key factors for determining your WPM (words per minute).

4. How would Do you describe your typing skills?

Ans. I type fast. I use all my fingers. ...
My speed may not be great but I don't have to look at the keyboard either. ...
I type quickly, most of the time. ...
50–75 wpm. ...
Hybrid hunt and pecker. ...
I'm an advanced pecker. ...
Extremely fast. ...

5.What Is the Average Typing Speed?s

Ans. The average person types between 38 and 40 words per minute (WPM). That translates into between 190 and 200 characters per minute (CPM). However, professional typists type a lot faster, averaging between 65 and 75 WPM.

6. What is the Wald test used for?

Ans. The Wald test (also called the Wald Chi-Squared Test) is a way to find out if explanatory variables in a model are significant. “Significant” means that they add something to the model; variables that add nothing can be deleted without affecting the model in any meaningful way

7. What is Wald in SPSS?

Ans. Wald is basically t² which is Chi-Square distributed with df=1. However, SPSS gives the significance levels of each coefficient. As we can see, only Apt1 is significant all other variables are not. If we change the method from entering to forwarding:Wald the quality of the logistic regression improves.

8. What is the highest WPM ever?

Ans.216 words per minute
The highest typing speed ever recorded was 216 words per minute (wpm), set by Stella Pajunas in 1946, using an IBM electric typewriter. Currently, the fastest English language typist is Barbara Blackburn, who reached a peak typing speed of 212 wpm during a test in 2005, using a Dvorak simplified keyboard.

9. How do I know my typing speed WPM?

Ans. This is a simple test of typing speed, measuring words per minute, or WPM. The standard measure of WPM is (5 * number of characters) / (time is taken). By that measurement, "quick brown fox" is 15 characters, including spaces. The recorded score is WPM * Accuracy.

10. What is a good typing speed for data entry?

Ans. about 80 words per minute
Traditional Data Entry Style and Speed
A professional typist would be expected to average about 80 words per minute to qualify for most professional jobs, although people with a measured WPM as low as 50 might be considered acceptable in some situations
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