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Kas oskaksite soovitada poode (ka netipoode) kust saaks osta lõpukleite? Sooviksin midagi lihtsat, kuid samas ilusat.

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Ette tänades! ;)
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Kes soovib endale maani lõpukleiti, siis võib kirjutada :) on pakkuda väga ilus roosa lõpukleit, õmblejal lastud teha. Huvi korral saadan pildid :) suurusele XS/S

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Best Clothing Store In 2021

I love ModCloth! The clothing fits nicely, and it isn't aimed towards the stick population. (even tho I guess I qualify as a stick lol) Everything is so cute and flattering. I know they have a ton of retro-styled clothing, but I have found SO many cute things on there that are modern and fresh.
And it's not just their clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. IT'S THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE! It is by far, THE BEST customer service I've ever gotten. I respect ModCloth for allowing customers to review their items and share opinions. This helps decide what to buy. I ordered a pair of sandals with a bunch of jewels on them through ModCloth Coupon Codes and the jewels fall off. I reviewed them and got 25% of the price of the shoes back on my credit card and 20% off my next purchase! They value customer feedback which makes the customer feel valued and that their money hasn't gone to waste.

Love ModCloth forever <3