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Impulsiivne ostukäitumine

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Kui Sul on aega ja natukene ka viitsimist, siis palun vasta minu bakatöö küsimustikule "Impulsiivne ostukäitumine internetikeskkonnas". See võtab aega umbes 7 minutit :)
Olen super-super tänulik! Küsimustiku leiad siit:
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Minu arvates internetis ostlemine erinebki tavaostlemisest selle poolest, et impulsiivseid oste ei tehta. Puudub vahetu kontakt kaubaga, seega ei teki ka impulsiivseid emotsioone, mis ostma paneks.
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Tahtsin vastata, aga vana asi juba.
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vastasin, väga hea küsimustik
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ei ava linki miski pärast mul

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What Is Roblox Error Code 277 And How To Deal With It?

If your game is heavy and has 4500 parts, you might get a problem since the limit is about 3000 parts.
Here Are The Effective Ways To Fix Roblox Error Code 277
Let's take a look at how to get rid of Roblox Error Code 277.

1. Use Utility Tool To Fix Roblox Error Code 277
This tool works for a Desktop or Laptop to fix corrupted system files. Here is how to use it.
• First, download and install the Roblox error 277 utility tool for windows 10 whatever operating system you’re using.
• Next, click on scan. (Scanning might take some time to find the error)
• Once the problem has been found, click the button to fix it.
• Now, wait for some time to let the issue fix.
• Finally, restart your computer.

2. Update Google Chrome Browser
Updating the default browser is a good idea because Google Chrome is the most reliable browser. And if you’ve been using any alternative browser and confronting issues with it, switch to Google Chrome for better working. The reason why we’re asking you to update your browser is Roblox software often updates its version which means you need to have the latest version for smooth browsing.

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